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Non-League Member (Club Member)

Support the activities of your local RSL sub branch

To join the sub branch as a Non League Member (NLM) or Club Member contact the sub branch. Becoming a NLM is an opportunity to support veterans if you are not eligible for membership of the League. 

 What is an NLM 

  •  An NLM or Club Member is a class of membership offered by the sub branch to enable members of the public, who are not eligible to be League members, to offer their expertise and time to their local RSL sub branch for the benefit of veterans in their area. 

  • They assist the RSL sub branch to provide social and welfare support to the veteran community. 


  • NLM or Club Member

    • A person is eligible to be a NLM / Club Member of the Sub Branch if he/she:

      • is over the age of eighteen (18) years;

      • is proposed by two (2) Service or Life Members of the Sub Branch and is approved at a meeting of the Committee of the Sub Branch;

      • has signed a Club Member Application Form in the form approved by the Committee of the Sub Branch which requires the Club Member to be bound by the Rules and By Laws of the League; and

      • has paid the annual membership subscription as determined by the Committee of the Sub Branch.

        The Committee of the Sub Branch may at any time revoke the club membership of a person and upon such revocation being made such person shall cease to be a club member.

        A club member of the Sub Branch may not be a member of the Committee of the Sub Branch and is not entitled to vote.

Members have public liability insurance

Members are covered under the Sub Branch Public Liability Insurance for any activities associated with the Sub Branch.




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