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Joining the RSL: Who can join the RSL?


To be eligible for service membership of the RSL (Queensland Branch), you need to have served in one of the following areas:


Any person who has served in any of the Australian Defence Forces in either of the two World Wars or in any theatre of conflict.


Any person who has served for not less than six months in the Regular or Reserve Forces of the ADF, or of any country not an enemy of Australia. Shorter service can also qualify if discharge was honourable and for reasons beyond the individualís control


Any Australian citizen who has served overseas for not less than six months as a member of an approved Peacekeeping force.


Any Australian or allied citizen who served with or in support of the ADF or Allied Forces in any theatre of conflict or during World War II, as a member of the Australian Womenís Land Army or a Voluntary Aid Detachment in a Military of Convalescent Hospital.








Joining the RSL: Member Benefits


As a member of the RSL in Queensland, you belong to an organisation which:



is the largest provider of residential aged care for veterans


provides free Pensions and Welfare advocacy and advice to veterans and their dependants on obtaining eligible benefits and entitlement


is represented on all relevant Department of Veteransí Affairs consultative forums


is involved in youth initiatives such as the RSL Girl in a Million Quest, and the ANZAC Day Scholarship in conjunction with Bond University


provides special member discounts & retail offers to raise funds for the RSL







Joining the RSL: How can I join?                  


Membership To join the RSL, you must complete a Service Member application form and submit it to the sub branch To apply, simply download, print out and complete the application for Service Membership & accompanying privacy statement:


  Application for Service Membership

  RSL Privacy Statement







Life Subscriber All members of the RSL may apply to become Life Subscribers by completing an Application for Life Subscription and paying the appropriate fee. You can obtain a list of the current Life Subscription fees from your Sub Branch.


The advantages of this option are:



No longer have to remember to pay an Annual Subscription


No risk to your eligibility to have voting rights at meetings


No risk of losing your continuity of membership

Applications for Life Subscriptions are processed through your Sub Branch to State Branch Membership section.

When the process is complete, Life Subscribers are issued with a special membership card. "Life Subscriber" should not be confused with a Life Member. The latter is an award status of membership for which Service Members may be nominated as a result of their service to the League. If you are a CURRENT SERVICE member, please download and print the Life Subscriber Application form for current service members:


  Application for Life Suscriber for current service members


If you are a NEW member, please download and print the Life Subscriber Application form for new service members:


Application for Life Subscriber for new service members



Associate Membership

When members move, some wish to become involved in the nearest Sub Branch, but are loathe to break ties with the "old" Sub Branch.

Associate Membership of either the old or new Sub Branch can permit a person to be a member of both.

A member who becomes an Associate of another Sub Branch, is only permitted to vote, speak and hold office at one Sub Branch. For more information, contact your local Sub Branch or simply download, print and complete the Declaration of Associate form and take to your new branch.


 Declaration of Associate



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