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What is RSL Community Link?

RSL Community Link is an RSL national remembrance project dedicated to keeping alive the names, memories and deeds of departed Australian or Allied service veterans no matter when or where they served or when they died. It does this by enabling people of all ages to attend remembrance services as the personal representative of the departed veteran. 

How does it work?

The representative attends remembrance ceremonies wearing a Veteranís Memorial Plaque which shows the basic service details of the departed veteran, including a coloured ribbon bar indicating the medals to which the veteran was entitled. The representative also wears a Representativeís Link Card which shows the representative's name and his or her relationship to the veteran. Examples are shown in the pictures below.

When can I wear the Plaque, Name Card and badge?

The Veteranís Memorial Plaque and Representativeís Link Card can be worn at any remembrance ceremonies. Examples include Anzac Day (where you may also be able to represent your veteran in the march), Remembrance Day, and any other event where military service is being commemorated. The metal RSL Community Link Badge can be worn at any time.

 How do I find a departed veteranís service details and medal entitlements?

See the links below to some useful Research Tips and a Medal Enquiry Form. 

How much does it cost and how do I apply?

The Veteranís Memorial Plaque costs $12 and the Representativeís Link Card costs $4. The metal RSL Community Link Badge is free. There are links below to the Application Form and Order Form. 

Do schools get involved with RSL Community Link?

Most definitely. See the school link below.    

How does an RSL Sub Branch set up RSL Community Link in its community?

See the link below. 

:More Information about RSL Community Link

:Application Form and Order Form

:Research Tips

:Medal Enquiry Form

:RSL Community Link in Schools



Community Link Card (example)



Community Link Plaque (example)



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